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ETHOS 2024 Scholarships

The 2024 Mark Bryden Scholarship will be awarded to 3 total participants from Africa, Asia, or LatAm / Carib with field experience who would otherwise not be able to come. This fund will cover their registration fee, airfare, lodging and meal costs.


If you are (or know of) a clean cooking professional that would benefit from sharing their work with the ETHOS community, but who may not have the resources to attend, please email answers to the following questions (500 characters max per answer, please) to

  1. What are you working on that improves the clean cooking sector? 

  2. How will your participation add to the ETHOS experience? What will your presentation cover?

  3. What’s been the most important lesson you’ve learned about clean cooking this year?

  4. How will attending ETHOS help you accomplish new goals in 2023? 


To ensure character limits, please use the word count function on WORD or Google Docs: (Command + Shift + C (on a Mac) or Ctrl + Shift + C (on a PC)).

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