Conference Proceedings

January 24-26, 2020
Kirkland, Washington

Friday Evening

Stoves 101: Biomass Fuels and Stoves for Beginners

(No Slides)

Saturday Morning

Clean Cooking Alliance (no slides)

Plenary: ISO and Clean Cooking Forum update

Mitchell, Jetter, Decina, Derby, audience!

Plenary: Sensing Change

Thompson, Wilson, Hahn, Lefebvre, Pennise

Saturday Afternoon

Plenary: Advances in Forced Draft Combustion

(Still, Means, Jahangiri, MacCarty, Evitt)

Sunday Morning

Plenary: Pathways Conference Update

(Mitchell, Roth, Bond)

(No Slides)

Plenary: Founders and Future discussion and workshopping

(Bryden, Still, MacCarty, Bond, Miles, Hatfield, Andreatta and audience!)

Sunday Afternoon

ETHOS Board Summary