Conference Themes

Lab Research, Including:

Insulative Materials, Efficiency Testing, Emissions Monitoring, Safety Updates and Design Issues, Gasifier Advances, Hayboxes/Insulative Cookers, Solar Cookers.

Field Experience, Including Monitoring of:

Performance, Indoor Air Pollution Exposure, Health Impacts, User Satisfaction, Time and Socio-economic Impacts; Awareness Raising; Stove Promotion; Involvement of Volunteers and Local Universities; Lessons and Modification to Approaches.
Efficiency versus Effectiveness, and Resulting Design Implications.

Technology Standards:

Key Parameters, Constraints.

Policy Issues:

Role of U.S. Partnerships and International Donors, Country-level Leadership, Subsidies versus Commercialization.


Impacts of Household Energy Programs in Uganda, Benin & India

Charity Garland, Kirstie Jagoe, Emmy Wasirwa, Raphael Nguyen, Ashwin Patel, Nisha Shah, John Mitchell, Elisa Derby, David Pennise, Michael A. Johnson

Solar Thermal Energy for the Village

Dale Andreatta

Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves

Global Alliance

Stoves 101: An Introduction to Cooking with Solid Biomass Fuels

Christa Roth, FOODandFUEL consultant
Dean Still, Aprovecho Research Center
Dale Andreatta

Powerpoint Presentations