JAN 27-29, 2012

Kirkland, WA

Saturday Morning

Large Group Presentations & Panels

Peter Scott

Burning Manufacturing: Mass Producing High Quality Stoves in East Africa

John Mitchell

ISO Panel Discussion

Larray Winiarski

Combustion and Heat Transfer in the Rocket Stove

Christa Roth

GIZ Cooking Energy Novelties

Ben West

Aprovecho and EcoZoom: A Partnership Taking Stoves from Lab to Cook

Nancy Hughes

Lessons Learned from “Feet on the Ground” Kitchen Performance Testing in Rural Central America

Saturday Afternoon

Large Group Presentations & Panels

Tom Miles, Christa Roth, Paul Anderson, Ron Larson, Jim Grob & Dean Still

Biochar Panel Discussion

John Mitchell & Elisa Derby


Leslie Cordes

Global Alliance

Christa Roth

Stoves 101

Robert Fairchild

Development of a TChar Stove for Haiti and Africa

Amanda Joy Ravenhill

Commercialization and Advantages of Biochar Stoves

Jeff Holiman

Restoration of Air, Water, and Soil Quality Through Integration of the Top-Lit UpDraft Cooking Stove

Nordica MacCarty

Computation Modelling of Solid Fuel Fired Cooking Stoves: A Literature Review

Dale Andreatta

Various Experiments in Cookstoves in Ohio

Kevin Fisher

Accelerated Corrosion Testing on Biomass Stove Materials

Saturday Evening

Large Group Presentations & Panels

Iana Aranda

Engineering for Change: Appropriate Solutions Evaluation Program

Paul Anderson, Keynote Speaker

Micro-Gasifier Stoves for Meeting the 2020 Goals of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves

Sunday Morning

Large Group Presentations & Panels

Mark Bryden

A Longitudinal Study of Village Energy of Energy in an Isolated West African Village

Nathan Johnson

A Multifactorial Study of Cooking Energy Use

Paul Anderson

Microgasification for Combined Heat and Biochar in Mini Industries

Judy Heiderscheidt

Impact of an Improved Cookstove Intervention on Exposure and Health Among Nicaraguan Women

Esther Adams & Stevan Simich

Using Intergrated Technology to Monitor and Scale a Stove Building Project

Sunday Afternoon

Classroom Breakout Sessions

Chishio Furukawa

Replacing Kerosene Wick Candles by Solar Lamps: Evidence from Surveys and Randomized Evaluation in Uganda

Marc Pare

Cooking With Rice Hulls: A Primer on Current Technology, Projects, and Challenges

Maxime Ouellet-Payeur

Evaluation of Chopped Grass as an Alternative Fuel for Household Cooking

Fred Colgan

U.S. Based Mass Production and Global Proliferation of Institutional Cookstoves: A Wholistic Approach to the Needs of the Institutional Sector

Doug McCorkle

Lighting a Village: Implementing a Village Energy Project from Concept to Customer

Ben West

The Journey of a High Efficiency Charcoal Stove

Sam Bentson & Ryan Thompson

Next Generation Portable Emissions Monitoring System Responding to the Lima Consensus

Christa Roth

GIZ Advances on Charcoal Stoves and Emissions Measuring Equipment

Kelly Grabow

Further Investigation: Indoor Air Pollution

Papers & Other Resources

Michael R. Helms

The Design and Manufacture of a Fuel-Efficient Biomass Cookstove for Darfur