JAN 28-30, 2011

Kirkland, WA

Session 1: Introduction to Stoves

John Zielinski & Larry Winiarski

History, Development, Research and Impact of the Rocket Stove on the World Today

Paul Anderson

TLUDs in 2011, within a Classification of Stoves

Marc Pare

State of the Art in Rice Husk Cook Stoves

Mark Bryden

Introduction to Solid Fuel Combustion

Nathaniel Mulcahy

Clarify Differences in TLUD and TLOD Stoves

Session 2: Stove Production

Ben West

Another Year of Exciting Lessons Learned in Mass Production and Dissemination of Stovetec Stoves

Nancy Hughes

Latest Information on the Establishment of Sustainable Factories in the Developing World

H. Zerriffi

Innovative Business Models for Scaling Up Energy Access for the Poorest

Stuart Conway

Stoves and Trees: An Integrated Approach to Forest Conservation and Carbon Offsets

Peter Scott

Local Mass Production in Kenya

Session 3: Stove Emissions

Cheryl Weyant, Y. Chen, J. Ellis, C. Roden & Tami Bond

Emission Measurements from In-Use Cookstoves in Four Locations

Michael Johnson

Modeling Indoor Air Pollution Concentrations Using a Monte Carlo Single-Box Model

Jay Smith

Is it Malaria or is it Bad Air?: Why There Ought to Be Cooperative Research

Andy Grieshop

Health and Climate Benefits of Cookstove Replacement Options

Simone Brant

SUMS: Measuring Stove and Fuel Use with Temperature Sensors

Session 4: Stove Programs

Jonathan Otto, David Otto & David Covert

Jatropha Seed Cooking Stove: Development and Promotion

Tirian Mink

A Case Study of a Market Based Cookstove Dissemination Effort in Quetzaltenango: Critical Factors for Determining Househld Financial Feasibility

Robert Lange

The Maasai Stove and Solar Project in Monduli Tanzania

Sebastian Africano

Trees, Water, & People Update on Haiti Projects

Firehiwot Mengesha

Gaia Lessons and Modifications to Approaches

Kelley Grabow

Indoor vs. Outdoor Cooking

Session 5: Carbon Finance

Richard Lawrence

Difficulties of Carbon Finance and Attracting Capital

Nathaniel Mulcahy

How Carbon Finance and Modern Manufacturing Can help Accelerate the Diffusion of Lower Cost Higher Quality Cookstoves

Nathan Johnson

Consumer Choice and Stove Switching: Impacts on Fuel Use and Carbon Accounting

Session 6: Stove Testing

Sam Bentson, Ryan Thompson & Mike Hatfield

A Baseline Study on Charcoal Stoves

Leah Le

Quantifying Indoor Air Pollution From Using Household Cookstoves and Estimating Its Health Effects in Northwest Bangladesh

Dee Lawrence, Esther Adams & Jen Baldwin

Stove Monitoring, Verification, and Testing Experiences

Session 7: Village Energy

Aaron Redman

Black Carbon, Climate, and Stoves

Nathan Johnson, Tom Miles, Doug McCorkle & Bryan Wilson

Villages, Energy and Opportunities: A Panel Discussion

Session 8 : Stove Design

Fred Colgan

Institutional Stove Design “Factory in a Box”

Dale Andreatta

The Effects of Crosswinds on Various Stoves

Dean Still

Testing and Design Towards 90% IAP Reductionl

Panels & Discussions

Community Discussion

Mark Bryden and Dean Stills

Introduction to the Global Alliance

Leslie Cordes

Partnership for Clean Air

Elisa Derby

Community Business

Mark Bryden

US Department of Energy Meeting Recap

Biomass Energy Foundation Update

Paul Anderson & Hugh McLaughlin

Movie Night

UNEP Video
Stuart Conway

GTZ Video
Cristoph Messinger

Perfect Fire
Paola Rosa and Antonio Senter