JAN 29-31, 2010

Kirkland, WA

Session 1: Stove Technologies

Paul Anderson


Larry Winiarski

Heat Transfer & Alternative Fuels in Rocket Stoves

Session 2: Stoves & Health

Jay Smith

A Physician’s Perspective on Understanding Carbon Monoxide

Amod Pokhrel

Tuberculosis and Indoor Biomass and Kerosene Use in Nepal

Session 3: Stoves, Electricity & Heat Transfer

Doug McCorkle

Lighting Villages in Rural Africa

Jonathan Cedar & Nordica MacCarty

Fan Stove and Thermoelectrics

Steve Garrett

Using Thermoacoustics in Small Cookstoves

Dale Andreatta & Alex Wohlgemuth

Skirts and Their Effect on Heat Transfer (Slideshow pdf , Paper pdf)

Alan Berick

Improving Heat Transfer (pdf)

Session 4: Stove Programs

Bryan Wilson

Envirofit: An Update on Technology, Production, and Dissemination

Richard Grinnell

Updates on the HELPS International Stove Program

Mark Ewait, Kevin Fisher & Margie Pinnell

University of Dayton ETHOS Program

Ben West

News from StoveTec

Fred Colan & Damon Ogle

Exporting Institutional Stove Factories

Nancy Hughes

Stove Team International

Klas Hiesing

Scaling Up Stoves in the Andes

Stuart Conway

Stove Projects and Reforestation in Central America

Session 5: Carbon Credits

Tami Bond

Black Carbon, Climate, and Stoves (pdf)

Sebastian Africano

Fuel Savings and Carbon Offsets — PROLEÑA & AHDESA (pdf)

Dana Charron

Shell Breathing Space Program

Richard Lawrence

Funnel Approach to Carbon Credit Stove Projects

Michael Benedict

Mobile Phone Record Keeping for Cookstove Carbon Finance

Daniel Farchy

Leveraging Carbon Finance in Efficent Stove Projects

Session 6 : Stove Testing

Tami Bond & Laura Fierce

Outstanding Issues in Testing Protocol Developments

Nordica MacCarty

Regional Testing Centers

Patricia Pavlinac

Pilot Survey of Indoor Air Pollution Exposure and Stove Use in Niakhar, Senegal

Session 7 : Stove Design

Bryan Wilson

Design Breakthroughs in Charcoal Stoves

Jonathan den Hartog

CFD as and Upfront Stove Design and Optimization Tool

Mark Bryden

Design for Development: Rethinking Our Development Strategies

Nate Johnson

First Steps in Stove Design

Firehiwot Mengesha

Ethanol Technology for Reducing Black Carbon

Panels & Discussions

New Challenges for Cookstoves

Mark Bryden, John Mitchell, Don O’Neil, Dean Still, and Bryan Wilson

Carbon Credits

Dana Charron, Stuart Conway, Richard Grinell, and Dee Lawrence


Tami Bond, Gracia Castillo, Laura Fierce, Nordica MacCarty, and Christa Roth

Partnership for Clean Indoor Air (PCIA)

John Mitchell and Kathleen Callaghan

Other Proceedings

ETHOS: 10 Years Later, The Open Issues

Mark Bryden

Cookstoves: Where We’ve Been

Dean Still

A Stoves Development Long Range Plan

Steve Garrett

360° Papers: Understanding a Village

Mark Bryden