JAN 23-25, 2009

Kirkland, WA

Session 1: Village Energy

Edward Saja Sannah

Joe Dunlay

Developing Household Lighting for Rural Villages

Dale Andreatta

Water Pasteurization as a Means of Providing Clean Drinking Water

Session 2: Stove Developments

Larry Winiarski

Rocket Stove Adaptations

Paul Anderson

Top-Lit UpDraft (TLUD) Gasifier Highlights of 2008: Designs, Low Emissions, and Applications

Construction Plans for the PP-Plus TLUD Gasifier Cookstove

Session 3: Manufacturing

Jonathan Cedar & Alec Drummond

The Biolite Woodgas Cookstove: Design / Engineering Prototype Process

Dan Wolf

International Lifeline Fund

Session 4: Carbon Credits

Stuart Conway

Trees, Water & People’s Carbon Offset Program

Dana Charron

In-field Charcoal Stove Emission Factors and Indoor Air Pollution

Session 5: Science of Stoves

Penn Taylor

Laboratory Testiong of Biomass Cookstoves: Shortcomings and Error

Steven Garrett

Sonic Gas Analysis

Dale Andreatta

A Preliminary Computational Field Analysis of Skirts

The Finned pot as a Means of Increasing Efficiency – Recent Research

Alan Berick

Using Residual Hot Coals Produced During the Boiling Phase for Cooking During the Simmer Phase

Nathaniel Mulchay

The Lucia Stove: A New Technology and Marketing Approach or the Production of a Combined Pyrolysis-Gasification Cookstove and Related Scaled-Up Technologies

Session 6 : Stove Programs

Louise Meyer

Jewish World Watch’s Solar Cooker Project: Protecting & Empowering the Women of Darfur, Integrated Solar Cooking

Cheryl O’Brian

Stove and Safety Traing in UNHCR Refugee Camps

Todd Albi

Introducing Stove Tech

Ron Larson

International Biochar Initiative

Reza Kowsari

Mike Vehar

The University of Dayton Stove Program

Session 7 : Health

Wiecher Kamping

J. Smith

Make Charcoal? Make Sense!

Panels & Discussions

Carbon Credits

Stuart Conway/Evan Haigler/Ron Severson


Nathan Johnson / Crispin Pemberton-Pigott / Casper Thijssen / Karabi Dutta (pdf)(video)

Confronting Some Tough Issues of Cookstoves

Paul Anderson & Crispin Pemberton-Pigott

Partnership for Clean Indoor Air(PCIA)

Elisa Derby

Other Proceedings

Stove Building: Five Years in Africa

Peter Scott

Stove Standards:Where do we go from here?

Mark Bryden, John Mitchell, Dean Still & David Hancock (pdf)