JAN 25-27, 2008

Kirkland, WA

Saturday Morning Seminars

Penn Taylor

An Overview of Combustion in Packed Beds

Dale Andreatta

The Study of Heat Transfer in Finned Pots (pdf)

Paul Anderson

TLUD Gasifier Cookstove Developments in 2007 (pdf)

Chris Carrick, Ryan Hubbard, Carmelle Tsai, & Steve Westwood

F.W. Olin SCOPE: User Focused Approach to Stove Building in Rural Guatemala (pdf)

Nathan Johnson & Mark Bryden

Rethinking design: Innovation for sustained social benefit in a culturally diverse world (pdf)

Stuart Conway

Trees, Water & People’s Micro-Enterprise Ecostove Project in Nicaragua: Making Stoves and Fixing Carbon (pdf)

Sunday Morning Seminars

Louise Meyer

Integrated Cooking Workshop: Highlighting Mexico (pdf)

David Whitfield

CEDESOL: Center for Development with Solar Energy Foundation(pdf)

Jim Grob

Making Charcoal to Improve Soils (pdf)

Joe Dunlay & Mark Bryden

Experiences Developing Household Lighting for Rural Villages

F.W. Olin College of Engineering

Micro-Consignment and the CES Stove

Qayum Ali Shah

Core Issues related to Habitat and BACIP Appropriate Housing Improvement Technologies: Challenges and Lessons Learned (pdf)