JAN 26-28, 2007 Kirkland, Washington

Session 1: Emerging Technologies & Fuels

Marie-Ange Binagwaho

The Hotpot: A Mass produced, Easy to Use Panel Solar Cooking Oven

Larry Winiarski Jr.

A Novel Low Cost Solar Concentrator

Dan Mastbergen

Field Testing of a Stove-Powered Thermoelectric Generator

Lily Anderson / Paul Anderson

A Very Low Cost Alcohol Burner & Stove Body

Session 2: Design & Performance: Part I

Alan Berick

Design of an Energy Saving Cook Pot

Joshua Heyne, Charlie Schreier & Margaret Pinnell

Use of Replaceable Steel Plates to Enhance the Efficiency of a Biomass Stove

Dale Andreatta

A Report on Some Experiments with a Natural Draft Top-Lit Up Draft (TLUD) Stove

Dana Charron

Biomass Stove Competition in China


Dean Still

Keynote Address

Session 3: Monitoring & Evaluation: Performance and Emissions Testing

Rob Bailis

Performance Testing as a Tool to Monitor Improved Stove Interventions: Experiences from the Pilot Phase of the Shell Foundation’s Household Energy and Health Project

Nicholas Hoffman, Charlie Schreier & Margaret Pinnell

The Design and Development of a Low Cost Wood Moisture Sensor

Chris Roden & Tami Bond

Observations from Three Years of Cookstove Emission Testing both in the Field and in the Laboratory

Session 4: Sustainability: Part I – Market Development

Manny Hernandez

Building Energy Efficient Kilns for Firing Ceramic Stove Inserts

Allison Daigre & Elisa Guzman

High Volume Manufacturing of Improved Cookstoves

Stuart Conway

The Micro-Enterprise Stove Project in Honduras: Marking Stoves and Fixing Carbon

Crispin Pemberton-Pigott

Finding a Five Dollar Stove

Sandra Moen, Dean Still, Damon Ogle & University of Oregon Business School

A Business Plan for Selling Institutional Stoves in India

Jan Alders

The Philips Woodstove, From a Research Prototype to a Commercial Business Proposition

Session 5: International Partnership

Brenda Doroski & John Mitchell

3rd Biennial Partnership for Clean Indoor Air Forum: Bangalore, India, March 20-23

Laurie Childers

Planting Hope

Keynote Address: Dean Still (pdf)

Session 6: Design & Performance

Ken Goyer

Making Stoves in Refugee Camps

Larry Winiarski

Rocket Stove Power Generation

Paul Anderson

Progress Report on Small TLUD Gasifier Devices in 2006

Session 7: Impacts: IAP and Health Monitoring

James Murren & Todd Wofchuck

Project Gaia’s “Clean Energy, Safe Energy” Program in UNHCR’s Kebribeyah Camp, Somali Regional State, Ethiopia

Lisa Büttner

IAP Reduction from the Healthy Stove Project in the Peruvian High Andes: Preliminary Results

Jay Smith

Measuring Obstructive Lung Disease Impacts of IAP: Preliminary Findings from a Rocket Stove Introduction Program in Peru

Kyra Nymoff Shields

Monitoring and Evaluation of Improved Cookstove Programs for IAQ and Stove Performance

Session 8: Sustainability: Part II – Awareness Building and Education

Lois O’Neal

Place Based Education of IAP

Penn Taylor

Work in Mali

Richard Grinnell

Awareness Building and Micro Credit

Closing Address

Mark Bryden