JAN 27-29, 2006 Northwest University, Kirkwood, WA

Session 1: Commercialization

Stuart Conway

Micro-Enterprise Stove Project in Honduras: Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

Gregory Simon

Commercialization versus Subsidy Based Stove Improvement Programs: Review of Changing Project Governance in Maharashtra, India

Bryan Wilson

High-Volume Stove Manufacturing in Honduras

Session 2: Implementation Experiences

Joe Obueh

Center for Household Energy & Environment (CEHEEN) and Nigeria’s Delta State Government Pioneer Indoor Air Pollution Reduction Initiative

Richard Grinnell

HELPs International and the ONIL Cooker

Dana Charron

Competition will Highlight a New Generation of Chinese Biomass Cookstoves

Lisa Buttner

Experiences and Lessons from Household Energy and Health Project Implementation and Monitoring in Peru and Bangladesh to Date

Session 3: Universities

Doug Mc Corkle

Stoves Research at Iowa State University

Elisa Guzman

The Advanced Stoves Laboratory at Colorado State University

Dayton University

Session 4: Technology Design and Performance

Dan Masterbergen

The Electric EcoFago Stove

Paul S. Anderson

Top-Lit Updraft (T-LUD) Gasification Advances of 2005

Dale Andreatta

Temperature and Heat Flux Distributions around a Plot

Mouhsine Serrar

PCIA Stove training in Mauritania

Session 5: International Household Energy and Health Programs

Sharna Jarvis

Shell Foundation Presentation

Brenda Doroski

PCIA Presentation


Global Program Session to Share Results, Highlight Opportunities

Session 6: Testing

Melat Esayas

Testing of the CleanCook Alcohol Stove in Refugee Camps in East Africa

Cynthia Armendariz

Emission Testing of the Patsari

Nate Johnson

Safety Testing in Honduras

Dean Still

Comparing Cook Stoves

Session 7: Stove Emissions

Tami Bond

The Adventures of ARACHNE: Measuring Emissions from Real Cooking in Central America

David Swartz

Preliminary Greenhouse Gas Inventory of Stoves

Nordica MacCarthy

The Effects of CO and Particulates on the Human Body – 10 min Talk and Full Paper available

Jim Jetter

Stove Emissions Testing Planned by U.S. EPA

Zohir Chowdhury

Update on IAP Monitoring

Session 8: Stoves Around the World

Larry Winiarski

Rocket Stove Variations Around the World

Andreas Michel

Rocket Stoves and Other Technologies – State of the Art in Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania 2006 (view), Lesotho

Mathew Langol

Building Stoves in Refugee Camps in Uganda

Manny Hernandez

How to Build a Kiln