Harry Stokes

Alcohol Fuels (Ethanol and Methanol): Safety (Paper)

Joe Obueh

Centre for Household Energy and Environment

Dean Still

El Diseno de Estufas Mejoradas para Calefaccion (Paper)

Lisa Büttner & Lutfiyah Ahmed

Exploratory Study on Household Energy Practices, Health Perceptions and Indoor Air Pollution in Southern Philippines: Preliminary Results and Lessons

Mouhsine Serrar

Hybrid Gas/Solar Cooking

Richard Grinnell

The ONIL Stove Project

Dan Mastbergen & Dr. Bryan Willson

Generating Light from Stoves Using a Thermoelectric Generator (Paper)

Dan Mastbergen, Dr. Bryan Willson & Sachin Joshi

Producing Light from Stoves Using a Thermoelectric Generator (Presentation)

Dana Charron & David Pennise

Promoting Clean Household Energy Practices: What is the Role of Monitoring and Evaluation?

Chen Xiaofu

Promotion of Rural Renewable Energy in Western China

Dale Andreatta

A Report on Some Heat Transfer Experiments (Paper)

Dale Andreatta

A Report on Some Heat Transfer Experiments (Presentation)

Thomas Reed

The Science of Biomass Stoves

Karen Westley

Shell Foundation Breathing Space Toolkit

Paul Anderson

Three Short Reports on Successful Stove Progress

Harry Stokes

Testing of the CleanCook Alcohol Stove in Refugee Camps in the Horn of Africa

Priyadarshini Karve

Commercialization of Improved Biomass Fuels and Cooking Devices in India: Lessons from India

Stuart Conway

Honduras Micro-Enterprise Stove Project

Brenda Doroski & John Mitchell

Partnership for Clean Indoor Air

Tami Bond

Progress in Assessing Stove Emissions in the Field and Laboratory

Mark Bryden, Nathan Johnson & Angran Xiao

Reconsidering the Stove Design Process: Some Proposed Safety Guidelines – (also see Summarized Evaluation Procedures)

Mathew Langol

Rocket Stove Technology: Source of Hope in Humanitarian Situation in Northern Uganda

Chen Xiaofu & Liu Guangqing

Stoves Development in China

Peter Scott & Thomas Miles

Rocket Stove Update from Southern Africa