Good News from the Year

 StoveTeam started building Justa stoves!
 New momentum in Honduras…
 Working with underfire air stoves, working with solar, working with wood drying.
 Created uncertainty models of low-cost Particulate Matter Sensors.
 Justa Stove Project in Guatemala and managing that project
 Raul Gonzalez-Acuna, starting today with StoveTeam International
 Combining carbon sequestration opportunities with cookstoves that make biochar
 I am working with some amazing old friends in Cental America again.  Feels like coming home.
 Published a new book at
 We have created a greater awareness and experience of smallholders making biochar in stoves and larger devices to improve their crops.
 Analyzed a lot of household energy-related data, using better processes than before!
 We kept Berkeley Air afloat despite the pandemic and reinvented a lot of our monitoring procedures and approaches to work remotely with our field partners.
 Rock beds to improve open fire cookstoves in millions of African households.
 The Jet-Flame is taking off
 Started investigation of Institutional Stoves
 Two papers published, and two to come!
 I collected a bunch of people and wrote a big paper about COVID and ventilation. Not stoves but got me in touch with more science of homes
 Aid Africa has received over 11,000 carbon credits. We’ve completed many water projects. planted 25,000 fruit trees. We’ve been hampered by the pandemic shutdown.
 Working on measuring health and environmental impacts of clean fuel distribution 
 Increase in production capacity in uganda
 We started a Green Climate Fund Project and are almost ready for implementation…
 Developed a safety and performance standard for METHANOL fuelled stoves through South African Bureau of standards. Methanol as a a safer alternative to kerosene from accidental fire perspective.
 Supporting several large and ongoing cookstove adoption trials with sensors and analytics. Fun projects include HAPIN, a study with World Central Kitchen and Starbucks in Guatemala, a study in the Rohingya camps in Bangladesh, and an economics study in India.
 Participating in ISO standards implementation workshops co-sponsored by CCA, ISO, WHO, and EPA.
 Ideation for sustaining a clean cookstove company in Uganda 🇺🇬
 Worked on developing a low cost black and brown carbon sensor and a modelling project on health impacts of different indoor air pollution scenarios.
 Experimenting with TLUD burners, by systematically changing dimensions and measuring gasification rates.  Burners tested are concentrator rings, internal risers, nozels.
 I’m happy with progress with low cost stoves working with Kevin McLean.  Mostly working now on biochar – especially comparisons with biochar’s competitions.  Also active with USBI.   Good to be back at an EThOS meeting
 With colleagues from the Alliance, ISO, and WHO – and support from GIZ and SNV, organized and implemented a series of online workshops on ISO Standards dissemination with Francophone African Countries and Haiti!
 From March, building on connections and network we had from cleaner cookstove dissemination we set up a mask making system in Malawi and in a few weeks organized the production and distribution of 5m cloth masks – a remarkable achievement, but it took our focus off our core-work – strengthened the network but took our focus off
Expanded the cookstove testing lab to accommodate U.S. wood heaters
Thrilled to hand the ETHOS Madam President baton over to Tami, we are so lucky to have her!