ETHOS Conference 2004

Engineers in Technical and Humanitarian Opportunities of Service

January 31-February 1, 2004

Seattle, Washington

Dissemination of Biogas in Nepal
Jiwan Acharya

Heat Loss from Stoves: Thermal Properties of Insulative Bricks
Dale Andreatta

Review of Emissions Testing Hood at Aprovecho
Dale Andreatta

Thermal Properties of Lightweight Ceramics
Dale Andreatta

Measuring Emissions and Exposure
Tami Bond

Stove Safety
Mark Bryden

Exploring the Integration of Household Energy into the Alliance for Mindanao Off-Grid Rural Electrification Project
Lisa Büttner

Engineers in Technical, Humanitarian Opportunities of Service-Learning
Bill Eger

Justa Stoves in El Salvador
Patrick Flynn

Development Activities on Improved Cook Stoves in Nepal
Chandra B. Joshi

Design and Field Testing of a Compact Biogas Plant
A.D. Karve, Gandhali Kulkarni, Priyadarshini Karve

Project: Promoting Clea Multiple-Fuel Cooking for Improved Rural Livelihoods in Latin America
Omar Masera, Rodolfo Díaz, Odilia Molina, Santiago Marcos, Rubén Gabriel, Marta Astier, Víictor Berrueta

Modernization of Rural and Semi-Rural Household Tortilla Businesses with the Ecostove in Nicaragua

Rogério Carneiro de Miranda

Rogério Carneiro de Miranda

Biomass Extruded into Solid Fuel
John Olsen

The Road from Poverty Is Travelled by Few
Don O’Neal

Energy Services for Village Households and Livelihood Enterprises in Bundelkhand
Shrashtant Patara

Big Improvements for Small Cooking Stoves: The Benefits of Heat Recycling
Crispin Pemberton-Pigott

The Integrated Cooking Method
Wilfred Pimentel

Biomass Cookstoves: Some Random Thoughts
K. Krishna Prasad

Gasification: A Process Common to All Biomass Stoves
Thomas B. Reed, Agua Das, Paul S. Anderson

New Rocket Stove Designs for Central and Southern Africa
Peter Scott, Jayme Vineyard

Kenya Breathe Easy
Shell Foundation

Testing Cookstoves
Dean Still, Damon Ogle, Rob Bailis

Project Gaia: A New Stove & Fuel Cooking System
Harry Stokes

Practical Applications of Downdraft Firing
Pieter Verhaart

Developing Financially Viable Models for Increasing the Use of Improved Stoves and Fuels
Karen Westley